Membership Info

Why Join The DSGO

At the Dental Society of Greater Orlando, as in all of organized dentistry, the focus is on you. Your membership is a valuable commitment to excellence in your profession.


Our Services Save You Money:

  • Dental office staff placement service is Free to members (placement of hygienists, assistants, front office staff)
  • Dentist placement service is also Free to applicants & members & non-members.
  • Peer Review is Free to members as an aid to mediate patient problems.
  • Mediate dentist-to-dentist disputes is Free to members.
  • Updates about industry rules & regulations via the DSGO Journal available 6 times a year .

We Help You Become Known:

  • Present school programs, borrow our films, use our materials.
  • Dental Screenings & Exhibits Volunteers are needed year-round.
  • Dental Care for Indigent Children Volunteers are needed year-round.
  • SELECT program high school representative and be a dental career consultant.


Political Involvement:

  • American Dental Political Action Committee You have full time representatives in Washington.
  • Florida Dental Political Action Committee You have full time representatives in Tallahassee.
  • Central Florida Dental Political Action Committee Become involved in local elections.

Dr. Kennedy & Dr. Robinson

Members’ Only Insurance:

  • American Dental Association Offers the lowest cost life insurance.
  • Florida Dental Association Offers a full range of insurance services at competitive rates.

Help in a Crisis:

  • Physician Recovery Network for chemical dependency counseling.
  • FDA Wellness Program.
  • Disaster Relief Loans/Grants as financial help following natural disasters.


Giving Back to the Community:

  • The Dental Care Access Foundation helps treat needy, handicapped or elderly patients in your office.
  • The Orange County Dental Research Clinic helps treat needy patients at the Dental Research Clinic and support the local dental assisting program.

Low Cost Continuing Education:

  • DSGO CE Weekend
  • Quarterly Membership Meetings
For Member Information Call: (407)894-9798